Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the matching system work?
A: Each one of the questions you answer about the pets in your care matches a question that adopters have answered about their lifestyle, experience, etc. Our algorithm—which has been built and tested by experts—assigns number values and weights to each answer in order to find your animals the PERFECT home.
Q: Do we have to have a physical shelter?
A: Absolutely not. We encourage foster based rescue groups to use our service just as much as any organization with a physical location.
Q: Is there any cost involved with signing up and using the site?
A: No. Everything on the site is free for both adoption organizations and adopters.
Q: What are the qualifications to use MycomPETibility?
A: We encourage non-profit pet adoption. Our Terms of Service require that you operate as a non-profit organization and submit a letter from your veterinarian as well as your typical adoption forms. BUT, we have done a massive amount of research to make a list of pre-qualified organizations (there’s a good chance yours may be in our system already and signing up will be as simple as updating your contact info and creating a password.
Q: Are there any hidden costs for different features?
A: NEVER. Our services will always be funded by third party sponsors and partners. Our goal is to place as many animals as possible in the PERFECT homes and promote responsible pet ownership at NO COST. In fact, the features we offer on the shelter/rescue side of our system will continue to expand without your organizations ever having to pay a fee.
Q: What if my organization only gives out certain contact info?
A: We do not require you release all your organizations contact info. And you won’t have to enter the contact info you do want to share under every animal! Simply edit the “Default Contact/Location” section of your account, and that info will automatically populate on each animals profile.
Q: Will adoptions happen through MycomPETibility?
A: No. We facilitate the search process to make things easier for you and the adopters looking for your pets. Each animal is located at a shelter within users’ designated mile radius, and we will give them all necessary contact information (that you have provided) so that they can apply as soon as possible.
Q: How do we know someone completed the survey?
A: Each animal profile is only viewable by adopters who have been matched with them. From there, users can print out the profile page showing the name on their account, the animal that you posted, and the percent match assigned to them.
Q: Do you have tech support if I am having trouble using the site features?
A: Absolutely! If you are having trouble with anything on the site, please contact us at or and we will help you out.
Q: Can people donate to or help MycomPETibility?
A: We encourage our users to donate to you (their local shelter) if they want to lend a hand in the pet world! They can use our shelter locator to find various shelters/rescues in their area. As we grow we hope to build and be involved in various foundations, but we do not have any donation avenues available directly through us yet. As far as employment, we usually post open positions that we are looking to fill, but if you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us at The best help you can give MycomPETibility directly is a recommendation. Please spread the word!
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