Our Story

MycomPETibility.com was started by pet lovers for pet lovers. Our goals will always focus on making both happy people and happy pets. We aim to create a one-stop avenue for you and your adopters. On the front end of the site, unlike other search engines and pet adoption websites, MycomPETibility.com offers a unique matching system as well as a hub for continued information searches and communication amongst members of the pet community. Our algorithm-based matching system uses a combination of statistical analysis on shelter animals and weighted personality trait correlations generated by a team of expert behaviorists and trainers. This takes into account specific animal personalities as well as breed tendencies to ensure that suggested pets are in fact true matches. In an effort to help save you and your staff time, the site will automatically upload your adoptable animals and their profiles with descriptions to your Facebook, Instagram, and other chosen forms of social media. We will also push your pets’ profiles to other adoption sites that have the necessary technology to receive the information. This system is guaranteed to save you time and increase your adoption success rates!

Here at MycomPETibility.com we are constantly striving to create the most effective and user-friendly environment as possible for our customers. We are continually perfecting our management software offerings, improving our matching abilities, and expanding the information and resources we offer. In doing this we hope to ensure that not only is every match we make a success but that participating shelters enjoy the convenience of our time-saving services. In addition, we want to make sure that adopters have right here at their disposal all the tools and advice necessary to maintain a happy and responsible relationship with their pets!

In the future the back end of our site will offer you an extensive shelter management tool through our web-based software. Our shelter management system encompasses everything you may need to track—from intake to adoption—related to any given animal as well as employee information, general administrative functions, and more. The options will be outlined in our “How-to” section, and our staff is always eager to help with any questions or needs.